Oct 31, 2008

Kotilingakshetra and Bethamangala

After a hard day's work at BEML, Kolar Gold Fields, commonly called as KGF. Deepak, Praveen, Ajay, Kalu of Komal Process Controls and, Kamal of Epoch Instruments and I we went to Kotilingeshwara. The place is full of Shiva Lingas… as the name goes ‘Koti’ means ‘ten million’. The place is supposed to get filled with that many Linga.
There’s also a giant Basavanna or Nandi made of cement. Aesthetically it’s not pleasing… the proportions are not correct.
We spent some 30 minutes and moved on to Bethamangala, to see the water purifying system which supplies water to BEML and KGF.
This plant, next to Bethamangala lake, was supposed to have been constructed 100 years back by the British government. Even now, the plant works well.
The care-taker showed us around… the entire purification process. It’s truly an amazing place to see. It’s a monument by itself.

I regret I did not have a better camera.


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