Jun 30, 2012

Galagesvara temple of Galaganatha

January 21, 2012

...continuing from Somesvaragudi of Haralahalli.

Galaganatha is a village south of Varada-Tungabhadra Sangama in Haveri district. In ancient inscriptions Galaganatha is referred to as Pullani.

Galagesvaragudi is a unique experiment of Kalyani Chalukyan temple architecture. The temple is east facing and situated on the bank of river Tungabhadra. The temple tapers right from its base to the top of the Shikhara. This temple is under the care of Archaeological Survey of India.
Simply beautiful!
The temple can be entered from 3 sides.
A pillar close to temple's southern entrance.
Kirthimukha close to the southern entrance.
The Sabha-mandapa is spacious with Sukhanasi on the perimeter. Large images of Adishakti, Ganapati, Suryanarayana, and Dashavatara Vishnu are placed in nests enclosed in the wall. The temple has spacious Garbhagriha with a massive Shivalinga in it. Nandi is seated opposite Garbhagudi door.
Solid square-based, lathe-turned and polished columns hold up the beams supporting the roof. The columns are tastefully decorated. This temple is a hangout of local youngsters; some come here to study their college subjects and some just to nap.
Dashavatara Vishnu.
Adishakti Parvati.
The sculptor has taken care of details very nicely. The way necklace is positioned is simply great.
Basavanna's features are very close to real oxen. Check out the veins on its face.
Two slabs with Halegannada inscription. These are supposed to be records of mantapa construction, donations and charities and, names of Kalyana Chalukya Mandalikas.
A square stepped tank to collect fluids from Garbhagudi. The drain snout reminds me of the little temple at Sonda fort.
I'm trying to imagine how people would come here to get a share of the holy teertha.
A child's eye view of the temple.
A hero-stone leaning on a Shivalinga.
A collection of Shivalinga. In the back ground is river Tungabhadra and Bellary district.
A mini peninsula. It's convenient for local folks to wash clothes and bathe their cattle.
With this temple we are done with the 3 temples on river Tungabhadra bank. We head towards Guttal, we had to planned to stop there for lunch and then proceed to attend Krishi Mela 2012 at Haveri.

Galagesvaragudi  Coordinates: 14°55'17"N   75°41'0"E

Jun 27, 2012

Somesvaragudi, Haralahalli

January 21, 2012

...continued from Chaudayyadanapura.

Haralahalli, also known as Haralalli is a village on the banks of river Tungabhadra in Haveri district. Haralahalli's Someswaragudi is another fine example of Chalukyan architecture. This ancient temple is surrounded by agricultural plots and remains hidden. The temple can be easily missed even though it is quite close to the state highway connecting Guttal and Harapanahalli.

Somesvaragudi is a Trikutachala a temple with three Shikharas.
The temple caretaker was present here. He's done a good job of maintaining the temple premises neat and tidy. Rear portion of the temple has evidence of repair work. However there's no information board.

The Mukha-mandapa has a Sukhanasi.

One of the Shikharas.

A human body and a horse's head- that must be Hayagriva, the god of knowledge and wisdom. Hayagriva is considered an Avatar of Vishnu.

This must be Boovaraha, another Avatar of Vishnu.

This couple must be Rama and Sita.

A voluptuous woman.

Stunning work of art.

Women in dancing postures.

A row of temple Shikharas.Floral and mystical creatures adorn the frame around the Shikharas.

A closer look at the sculpture. Couples engaged in love-making.

The Mahadwara.

An array of circular geometric patterns on the Mukha-mandapa ceiling.

An inscription on the Sukhanasi backrest. Image of a princess or a queen riding an elephant followed by a  a royal attendant holding an umbrella. Behind the attendant is an ox.

Remains of a smaller temple.

Our next destination: Galaganatha, also on the banks of river Tungabhadra..

Somesvara temple coordinates: 14°50'7"N   75°40'27"E


Jun 23, 2012

Muktesvaragudi, Chaudayyadanapura

January 21, 2012

Three temples of Haveri district on the eastern bank of river Tungabhadra are-
  • Mukteshwara temple, Chaudayyadanapura
  • Galageshwara Temple, Galaganatha
  • Someshwar Temple, Haralahalli
Our plan of the day was to cover all these 3 before lunch time. We start with  Mukteshwara temple. The easiest route to reach Chaudayyadanapura from Haveri is via Guttal.

It's a well maintained temple but there's no information available. Rituals are performed everyday.
According to sources on the net, temple architecture is Chalukyan. It has a touch of Kadamba architecture too. This is the main temple.
The temple's interior. Designs re very similar to Purasiddeshwara, Nagareswara and Tarakeshwara temples of Haveri, Bankapur and Hangal respectively.
Kirtimukha and a Jaina saint.
Temple Shikhara.
Wall enclosing the Garbhagudi.
It's customary to have models of the temple as a part of the decorative art.
Krishna Paramatma in his trademark stance.
Part of the temple's ceiling; very complex designs.
A lotus in full bloom.
Stone work resembling carpentry designs. Wonder what the function of this design is.
The temple has seating platforms- Sukhanasi in the entrances. This inscription of images was found on the Sukhanasi. No idea whom the characters depict.
This smaller temple is Kallideva temple, its right next to Mukteswara temple.
Kallidevagudi as seen from the rear side.
A collection of inscriptions.
The river was almost dry except for pools of water collected in it's rocky bed. Local folks were washing clothes and taking bath. I regret not exploring the river bed having come here.

A fellow blogger has some interesting info on this temple.

Our next destination: Someshwar Temple of Haralahalli.

Chaudayyadanapura coordinates: 14°47'40"N   75°39'57"E