Sep 12, 2012

Anjanadri Betta

June 23, 2012

Anjanadri Parvatha is said to be the birth place of Lord Hanuman. The hill is about 3km West of Anegundi village.

Anjanadri Parvatha
A closer look at Anjanadri Betta. The hill is surrounded by plantain and paddy fields. At the top is a small temple and many monkeys.

One has to climb about 500 steps the summit. The climb is safe and quite easy because of the stairway right to the top. Close to the top one has to really bend down to pass below a rock overhang. The hill top is refreshing with cool breeze ans offers beautiful views of its surroundings; Rashyamukha hill, Tungabhadra river and Hampi. This is Rashyamukha Betta; on the boulder strewn surface a fort wall can be seen close to the hill top.

That's river Tungabhadra flowing through the valleys of rocky hills. On the left is Koppal district and on the right is Bellary district.

Plenty of monkeys live on this hill, in fact they hang around the temple. Tourists and temple visitors feed these monkeys with channa and other eatables. This well built monkey seems to be the leader of the group, other monkeys kept distance from him. He was sitting like this for quite some time, the position seemed  to be relaxing. He was facing the temple entrance. In the background is Rashyamukha hill.

Anjandri is popular among Western tourists for sunsets views. During my two visits, I was a bit too late for sunset on the first visit. During the second visit, it was cloudy and it had rained some time back. Clouds obscured the sunset :(

Ravi and Malatesh relax at the end of a hectic day.

This temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and his mother Anjanadevi sits at a edge, right next to a 60 foot fall. The temple is managed by a Baba and few disciples who live here. The Baba is friendly. During my first visit, I saw a person having tea and sudden;y I too wanted tea. I asked the Baba is I can get a cup of tea. Yes, please sit down. A boy spread a mat for us and brought cups of tea. It was one of the best tea I had.

During both visits, Anjnadri Betta was our final destination of the days. Oh, both were Saturdays, Lord Hanuman's day.

Anjnadri Hill Coordinates: 15°21'20"N   76°28'4"E



Raj Gadwalkar said...

Lots of efforts by you Siddeshwar, now a days I don't see this passion, it has become rare. You are one among that rare. You are doing great job, in future we may not see what you have captured. Thanks Raj

shashi said...

Hi, Please can you tell us how to reach to this place from Bangalore

siddeshwar said...

Thanks Raj.

Shashi, here's the route: Bangalore-Chitradurga-Hospete-Anegundi. Anjanadri Betta is approximately 5 kms from Anegundi village.

Anil Hiremath said...

Hi, Please can you tell how to reach Anjanadri temple from Anegundi village. Thanks

siddeshwar said...

Its one straight road from Anegundi village to Anjanadri hill and top of that hill is Anjanadri temple.

Lakshmi Sagar said...

whether any road is existing or we have to climb the Hill through steps?

siddeshwar said...

@ Lakshmi Sagar - no road to hill top, you have to take the stairway :)

Pras N said...

Good info, Siddeshwar. Is there a place to park the car at the foothills (is it safe) & then take the steps to the temple? Thanks.

Captain Flint said...

Parking is available after a brief ascent by road from the arch on the main road. The parking will be on a slightly inclined surface but no real concern.

You can also park the car on the State highway itself ( i.e near the arch ) walk the extra few hundred meters that are motorable if you wish, but not really required..

(And sorry Siddeshwar for taking liberty to preempt your answer)

siddeshwar said...

@ Captain Flint - your comment is informative, perfect! Thank you.

Rakshith said...

Thank you and liked Ur concern keep going bro