Sep 26, 2012

Pampa Sarovara and Sri Vijayalaxmi temple

June 23, 2012

We arrived at Anegundi from Koppal around noon.

Sri Vijayalaxmi temple is situated at the base of Rushyamuka hill. To the temple's south flows river Tungabhadra in curvy path. It is said that Vidyaranya installed the idol of Vijayalaxmi in this temple. Vidyaranya was Guru to Hakka and Bukka the founders of Vijayanagara Empire.

The temple is ancient but layers of lime conceal it's age.

The Pushkarni opposite Sri Vijayalakshmi temple.

View of Sri Vijayalakshmi temple and Pampa Sarovara from the fort on Rashyamukha hill.

Right besides Sri Vijayalaxmi Devastana is Pampa Sarovara. The pond has reference in Ramayana. It is said that Rama and Lakshmana took bath in this pond during their Vanavasa, the 13 year exile. Hence Pampa Sarovara is considered as one of the holiest ponds in India.

View from Anjanadri Betta; Rashyamukha hill and Tungabhadra river. Sri Vijayalaxmi temple and Pampa Sarovara are close to the hills base, they are concealed behind trees. This picture was shot an hour before sunset and a nice short rain.

Our next destination was Onake Kindi. We had gone to Anegundi fort to inquire directions. We were asked to trace back our route and turn right at Chikkarampura. About 100 meters before Chikkarampura we noticed this isolated sculpture on a rock face on our left.

The picture depicts Hanuman in action. Hanuman carrying Sanjeevini Parvatha, carrying stones to build a bridge to Lanka, etc. I'm assuming the circular object in Hanuman's hand must be Sun. It is said that young Hanuman played with Sun mistaking it for a ball.

We head to Onake Kindi, the prehistoric site with 5000 year old paintings on rocks.

Sri Vijayalaxmi temple coordinates: 15°21'13"N   76°28'38"E


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