Jun 23, 2012

Muktesvaragudi, Chaudayyadanapura

January 21, 2012

Three temples of Haveri district on the eastern bank of river Tungabhadra are-
  • Mukteshwara temple, Chaudayyadanapura
  • Galageshwara Temple, Galaganatha
  • Someshwar Temple, Haralahalli
Our plan of the day was to cover all these 3 before lunch time. We start with  Mukteshwara temple. The easiest route to reach Chaudayyadanapura from Haveri is via Guttal.

It's a well maintained temple but there's no information available. Rituals are performed everyday.
According to sources on the net, temple architecture is Chalukyan. It has a touch of Kadamba architecture too. This is the main temple.
The temple's interior. Designs re very similar to Purasiddeshwara, Nagareswara and Tarakeshwara temples of Haveri, Bankapur and Hangal respectively.
Kirtimukha and a Jaina saint.
Temple Shikhara.
Wall enclosing the Garbhagudi.
It's customary to have models of the temple as a part of the decorative art.
Krishna Paramatma in his trademark stance.
Part of the temple's ceiling; very complex designs.
A lotus in full bloom.
Stone work resembling carpentry designs. Wonder what the function of this design is.
The temple has seating platforms- Sukhanasi in the entrances. This inscription of images was found on the Sukhanasi. No idea whom the characters depict.
This smaller temple is Kallideva temple, its right next to Mukteswara temple.
Kallidevagudi as seen from the rear side.
A collection of inscriptions.
The river was almost dry except for pools of water collected in it's rocky bed. Local folks were washing clothes and taking bath. I regret not exploring the river bed having come here.

A fellow blogger has some interesting info on this temple.

Our next destination: Someshwar Temple of Haralahalli.

Chaudayyadanapura coordinates: 14°47'40"N   75°39'57"E


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