Sep 17, 2009

Shravanabelagola on New Years Eve 2008

Durga, Deepi, Gulli and I.

Just before Shravanabelagola, we stopped at aalada mane. We tried explaining how jaggery was made from sugarcane.

We parked the car close to Vindhtagiri and started our climb...

...Durga and I were the first to reach the top. We explored the ruins and the temple.

We spent lot of time sitting in front of Lord Bahubali ...admiring the beauty of the statue and families performing pooja.

A group of school children were being told the story behind the statue seems it was made at Karkala and brought here. I remember the teacher explaining pretty well but it did not register in my memory. Some of the kids at the back were distracted... when I was shooting the little pits on the floor. My guess is that this was used for playing some kind of game.

One cannot help admiring the skill which created this wonderful art work. The curly hair is so evenly spaced.

I wonder what skill the artist possessed to create this extremely complex floral design in stone.

We decided to head down, all of us were hungry. We found a place which served home made Jain food. Lucky we found this place or we would have ended up eating at some restaurant who would have served God knows what.

Next we went straight to Chandragiri and went up the hill ...

Deepi found a cool spot in one of the temples for his siesta. I left these guys here exploring the 16 odd Bastis.

It was pretty warm ...Deepak and Gulli found another spot to rest their tired legs.

Most people like to slide down the rock here. It took us 10 minutes to get Durga join Deepi and Gulli slide down the rock. Gulli and Deepi went up for another ride!

On our way back home, we stopped at a dhaba for dinner was not so good but we did not have much choice there. We reached home just before mid-night.


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