Mar 16, 2010


From Halasi; a short drive on a dirt track, I turned right into a mango garden and parked the car. From here I had to walk. Not a soul around. I could see the rock hill with a little temple sitting on it's top. I wanted to find out the path leading to the temple. I ran into a ittangi bhatti ...a brick yard.

I found a family who lived here. I wonder if this little house is cool inside. These people pointed out the path and asked me if I was not worried about going alone. I said I'm used to going around by myself.

The path snaked through a paddy field then through woods with patches of dirt and rocky surfaces, shady and sunny, went though a almost dry stream bed. I imagined how it would be trek here in rainy seasons. I heard many bird but saw few ...difficult to spot them in the foliage. I saw one bird about the size of a robin with long tail feathers ...gave me no chance to shoot.

Rocks here are granite ...being quarried. Man just cannot let nature alone.

This seems like a little temple made by quarry workers.

I must have walked for about 20 minutes to reach the temple atop the rock hill. As you see it's a temple made of roughly finished stones.

Water was not inviting, in fact the pond looked scary with it's dark green slimy water. Little frogs scampered across the pond.

As I went closer to the temple, I heard a voice ...mantras being chanted. I stepped into the temple, found a man snoring away in bliss. Inside the sanctum sanctorum two elderly men were going through a ritual of Shivalinga Pooja. It was Makar Sankranti; I guess these men were offering special pooja.

A smaller, roofless structure housed this Shiva Linga.

This rock looks like a lizard head

and a tortoise head from here.

The place was silent and a light breeze helped take the heat away. I wanted to explore more but I had to be back in Dharwad. I've made up my mind to visit this place some time September 2010 which the place should be green and fresh.


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