Dec 31, 2011

Veerabadresvara, Somesvara & Bherundeshvara Temples, Balligavi

Veerabadresvaragudi, Someshvaragudi and Bherundeshvaragudi (Gandaberunda Stambha) are on one street within Balligavi. After Tripurantakesvaragudi, we head towards Somesvaragudi. The deities are ancient but the building is a modern cement & steel structure. Images of Shiva's family members; Shiva & Parvati and Ganesha.

Karthikeya and Basavanna.


Somesvara Temple

This temple, on stylistic grounds, is assignable to the late Hoysala period (13th century A.D.). It has, on plan, a Garbhagriha, An Antarala and a pillared Mandapa. The doorways of the Garbhagriha and Sukanasi are exquisitely carved. Garbhagriha houses a Sivalinga on a Bhadrapitha. The Mandapa is provided with two niches on its west wall the entrance door, is simple and ornate. It has on either side pierced windows and is provided with elephant balustraded steps. The wall is built in plain dressed slabs, which is relieved by a Madhya Bandha of lozenge floral decorations. The pillars are lathe-turned and polished.

The temple door was locked and I did not bother to inquire for the care-taker or the keys. Going by the description, the might have had interesting sculptures. We move on to the last temple on this street.

Bherundeshvara Temple

Known as Bherundeshvara Temple, this is a tall, 9.15m high Vayu Stambha. The shrine, raised over a two-tiered masonry platform of 3.05m height was installed by Chamundarayarasa, a general of the Chalukyan emporer. The square base has a sculpture of a two-headed mythical bird with human body, known as andabherunda. Standing in Alidha posture, the bird-headed humanoid figure is two armed,swallowing humans in their large, teethed beaks turned in opposite directions. While the upraised right hand is shown stuffing the human figure into the mouth, the left hand is shown lifting another human figure into its already stuffed mouth. Wide open eyes reflect anger, the image is moderately decorated with various jewellery from shoulder to feet, the bird is decorated with feathers at neck and head. The Pitambara is held by a Katibandha and an Katibandha and an Uttariya. The folds of Uttariya on either sides are artistically sculpted. the rest of the circular shaft is held by a median bands dividing it into registers. An Amalaka cushion capital accommodates an octagonal or multifaceted Phalaka.

We are at the village outskirts, a lake is visible. We stop to check out few monuments close to Balligavikere. Shivalingu in a Mantapa and Basavaana in its place.

Damages idols are considered not fit to be worshiped.

We drive on Balligavi-Chikkeroor road towards our next destinations- Talagunda and Bandalike.