Jan 28, 2012

Shabari Kolla

This is one of the few temples dedicated to Rama's devotee Shabari. The temple is located in a cleft of a rock hill near Sureban town, Ramdurg Taluq, Belgaum district.

Shabari Kolla seems to attract crowds only on some days in a year like Amavasya and few festivals. Of course, the place would be packed with devotees and hawkers during Varsha Jaatri ~ annual fair.

We first go to the fresh water pond for a wash. Behind the main temple is this little temple. Manju identified the tree next to the temple- a Baarigida. I was surprised to see a Baarigida of this size. Usually they are seen as shrubs. The thorny plant bears a small red/brown colored edible fruit with a hard seed and funny smell.

Closer looks at the sculptures.

Hanuman's image and a Shiva Linga.

Spring water collects in twin tanks, other pond was not as clean as this. Manju is right next to a chamber from which water flows out.

I could see water flowing into this chamber from an invisible source. Water was clear and odorless. A group of people who were here just as we came took some water in few bottles.

Partially submerged idol of Ganesha.

Couple of images in the tank wall close by.

The main temple. Garbhagudi was locked, we had to peep through holes in the door to get a glimpse of the deity but with the darkness inside nothing much was visible.

The temple is ancient, architecture seems like Chalukyan, the temple could be 800 to 1000 years old. Incomplete brick & cement structures near the temple reminds me of Shisunala Shariefsaheb's grave.

Being here reminded me of Hooli hills and Varavi Siddeshwara. If rainfall was good, this place would have a different look ...streams, cascades and waterfalls would liven up the entire hill and its surroundings. I'll wait for that day.

On the same hill, about a couple of kilometers from Shabri Kolla is another temple- place where Swami Shivananda (contemporary of Siddarooda Swami) performed meditation for many years and attained enlightenment. Swami Shivananda's son Swami Atmananda was also an enlightened soul. Swami Atmananda set up an ashram at Hangarki village, about 20km from Dharwad. The ashram is managed by Swami Atmananda's daughter and grandchildren.

Shabari Kolla Coordinates: 15°53'55"N 75°22'11"E



Vinayak K said...

I am Vinayak K. I am from Sureban. In our village so many famous and historical places are there and that is always good to have good nature.

siddeshwar said...

Thank you, Vinayak.

gtprabhu said...

Which is the best time to visit shabri kolla