Nov 25, 2017

Bheemana Hebbagilu, Hampi

August 14, 2017
As we drove out of Hampi, back towards Anegundi, we happened to notice a signage showing Ganigitti Jain temple and Bheema's Gateway. We decided to quickly check out the gateway. The Jain temple is situated right besides Hampi-Anegundi road and a dirt track next to the temple leads to the gateway.. approximately 280 meters away.

For a gateway to be located here, there had to be a fort wall here but there's no trace of any walls in the vicinity. The gateway is typical Vijayanagara style but has a primitive look. Not sure if its in the original condition or it was restored during recent times. 

The gateway arch is unfinished. The topmost layer of slabs is balancing the layers below a weight pressing down and maintaining equilibrium.

Its actually a gateway complex ..55m long x 35m wide in aerial view, it encloses a zig-zag path within it. A wall in the center has two sculptures embedded into it.

The wall is made of dressed granite blocks, obviously built by highly skilled builders.

The foundation layer peeking out from the ground. Building techniques were simple yet most effective.

The two sculptures seem to be depicting the same set of characters- Draupadi, Bheema and Duryodana. Draupadi is watching Bheema and Duryodana wrestle. This is probably one of the last fights between the two warriors.

The second sculpture at the top.

A blank tablet lies at the base of the wall.

A sculpture of Bheema wielding a mace and decked in heavy jewelry. In the left hand is a lotud bud. His posture is similar to Lord Hanuman's. This image gives an identity to this gateway complex.

View of the entrance from Bheema's image.

 Further into the complex is a structure which seems to be an unfinished temple.

The path leading out of the fort.. looking towards north.

I head back towards the arch.. The gateway does look solid, just like Bheema.

One final look at Bheemana Hebbagilu, the eastern entrance to Hampi fort.

Another gateway I would like to check out is Sri Rangana Hebbagilu ..that would be during my next visit to Hampi.


Bharath Kumar said...

Very Nice Sid, Your pictures and narration makes us feel like we are going through these monuments.

Unknown said...

Kichakana-wadhe, might not be Bheema and Suyodhana. Draupadi was present while killing Kichaka, not during Suyodhana. Draupadi was not present on the battle field.Again you may say why weapons if he was a cook or bawarchi in Dharbar or nrityshasla, dancing court?

siddeshwar said...

Bharath, thank you buddy.

Sir, your thought makes sense. Draupadi was present when Kichaka was slayed. Also, slaying of Kichaka and Duryodhana did not happen in battle fields. I think Krishna was present during the final fight between Bheema-Duryodhana.