Mar 28, 2018

early morning sky near Gangavati

Feb 9, 2018
We were traveling towards Dharwad on an emergency. The journey started late night, we approached Gangavati early morning. Lovely cloud formations hung over the town.

swirling clouds

diverging streaks


siddeshwar said...

Comments from Nikhil-

I suspect on of these (the left streak) could be a contrail. After long, based on the atmospheric condition, those contrails may have expanded. And these seem to be in the topmost cirrus layer.

Your sharings are nice. After all, one cannot just see history, and not the earth and the sky and those trees! Out there, it is a complete package!

In fact, there is another tiny (spiral looking) contrail. The bright white edge to that what appears on the right mass of clouds. Going by this, the direction of flights, the first cloud is also very likely an older contrail.

siddeshwar said...

@Nikhil - i deleted your comments by mistake, so added them on your behalf. Your analysis is interesting! I was just happy looking at those formations, never imagined how. So its a JV by man and Nature :)