Apr 28, 2018

Harithi Temple, Anupu archaeological site

December 26, 2017

At Anupu archaeological site there are 3 items to see- 1. University Complex, 2. Amphitheater and 3. Harithi temple. The University complex ruins is mostly a collection of knee high walls except the stupas which are shoulder high. Harithi temple ruins is at foundation level i.e. few inches above the ground studded with sculpted pillars. The ruins are adjacent to university complex.

A small board has one line description. Harithi Temple: This pillared mandapa unit's upper portion has a small shrine chamber of Harithi whose torso was also recovered in the excavations here.

Harithi (Hariti) is female deity with a legendary connection to Swayanmbhu Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal. Hariti is the consort of Pancika, the great Yaksha Jambala. She's also known by the names Ajimadya and Sitalamaju. Local people consider her a powerful goddess and believe in her powers to heal and solve problems. Hariti temple is a two story Pagaoda built in Buddhist style, with prayer wheels, It is said that Hariti originally was a terrible creature, she would steal children to feed her family. The terrified people sought Buddha's help who encountered her in a peaceful manner and transformed her. Ever since Hariti turned a protector of Buddhist doctrine. I have sourced this information from this interesting article - Hariti Temple of Swayambhu.

Similar pillars are seen at university complex and also the site at Nagarjunakonda.

This is one of the two chambers here. With hardly any information available on site, one has to imagine a lot at this site to get an idea what these were made for. Anyway, the site is peaceful, far from the hustle bustle. Anyone seeking peaveful ambiance would just spend a day here doing nothing :)

The road leading to the site entrance, its a kilometer long stretch. One can enjoy a early morning or evening stroll here.

Anupu is about 22 kms from Vijayapuri North which is on the left bank. If you plan a visit to Anupu, try to reach here early morning, around 6-30. You can roam around till 9 after which it gets warm. Alternatively, you can reach by 4 PM and stay till closing time i.e. 6 PM.

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