Feb 5, 2009

Ramagundam to Byadgi

With the experiment not successful, Praveen and me decided to leave Ramagundam. We took an early morning bus to Hyderabad, 300+ kilometers journey... reached Hyderabd afternoon. We alighted and almost immediately boareded the Kurnool bus, 250+ kms to go... reached Kurnool by 5pm. Went to Mourya Inn where we had parked our Omni.

We had to attend a service call at APMC, Byadgi... our route would be Bellary, Sandur, Harihar and Byadgi. We planned to go upto Bellary and break our journey. It was dusk when we started our second part of the journey. As we reached Bellary, I said we'll go upto Hospet, just 40kms more. It was 9-30 or 10pm when we touched Sandur.

We thought we'll have dinner and then look for a hotel. During dinner, I asked Praveen "How about going till Ranebennur?"

We resumed out journey... lonely roads through one of the major mining belts of Karnataka. The roads were not so good, may be that helped me keep awake. Praveen and I had good understanding when it came to driving. He's was a good navigator and I could trust his judgement, he rarely made mistakes. We stopped for tea at a small town, I think Harpanahalli. We reached Harihar by 2-30am. Now, we had to cover a short stretch on NH4, just 22km. Ranebennur at 3AM.

850km in 21 hours!

Exhausted, still I had a bath and hit the sack. Woke up at 10 next morning and went on to Byadgi...


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