Apr 26, 2009

Bus game

1977, St. Charles Convent, Badhravathi

One day, lunch break, a class-mate and me finished lunch quickly and were walking around the play-ground. On a grassy patch patch of the play-ground, we saw some of our seniors playing bus... juniors like us were made to sit on ground in rows, like passengers seated in a bus. One of the seniors was a driver, another one was a conductor and few more were passengers. I think the conductor had a whistle in his mouth. We were watching and one the seniors asked us to board the bus... we were standing in a bus stop.

The driver made engine noise and the conductor would go about collecting fare and issue tickets. Whenever the bus turned the driver would bend in the opposite direction and all the passengers had to do the same... we would bend to our left when the bus turned right and vice versa. The bus would also brake suddenly and all of us had to bend forward. The bus would stop at bus stops and zoom away and screech to a halt... our bus driver was a maniac on the road!


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