Jun 24, 2009

Dharwad Qila

This is what's left of Dharwad fort.

One door's still fixed in the wall

...while the other one lies rotting away close by.


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Anonymous said...

This 12th century fort has been mostly destroyed; from its structure one can conclude that in its heyday it occupied a massive area and contained numerous government buildings. The name "Dharwad" Fort has some peculiar origin and geographical structure. The name Dharwada means a doorway: a gateway settlement. In accent Dharwad was considered as 'Gadinadu' a place between 'Malinadu'(western moutain) & 'Bailu seema'(plain land), people oftenly use take rest here when they need to travel yellapur & dharwad fort which is constructed to protect military force from enemies. During 12th century in 1403 A.D the ruler 'Dharav' use to conquer this place under vijayanagar rule. And hence the place got from his name as Dharawada & as Dharwad Fort !