Aug 4, 2009

Ruins of Kittur Desai Vaadae ~ Kittur fort & palace

Vaadee, to my knowledge, is a Desai’s place of dwelling, a palatial mansion. Desais were (Desais families still exist) landlords in North Karnataka during British rule. There are many vaadaes in which people still dwell ...few are up to 200 to 400 years old.

I always thought Kittur Vaadae to be a Qila (fort) but got to know the fact few years ago. I’ve visited the place few times and found some features very interesting – the kitchen, the bathroom sink and water tanks, the drain grill carved of stone, water pipes in the walls, the swimming pool, the dairy… There’s not much to see but still if you have the interest you can find lot of things you can appreciate. Kittur Vade was built early 19th century ...1820s.

And if you happen to be driving between Dharwad and Belgaum and you want to stop over for a break, Kittur vade is a nice place to relax.

Palace ruins
Swimming pool
Wash basin

Lamp wall
Pole Star viewing room

Water tank
Wash basin
Underground drain cover-grill
Pooja room
Plumbing - pipes built into walls
Palace rear
Palace garden
Fort walls
There's also a museum with an interesting collection of ancient weapons, dresses, wood-work and stone sculptures.


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