Jan 15, 2010


...journey continued from Magod Waterfall.

The story of Kavdikere has a mythological connection. It seems the lake was created by Bheema. During Pandava's exile...

...Panadavas are searching for food in the forest. Bheema come across a cave and finds that Devathas are performing pooja inside. He becomes inquisitive and asks one of the Devis why the pooja is being performed here when there's so much place on this world. Devi says that the cave cleaner than any other place..... Devi asks Bheema to make an ideol of her and install it and hide the cave under water. So Bheema goes to Kashi and gets Ganga water in a sea shell (seashell is called kavadi in Kannada) and poured it into the cave. The cave gets submerged and a small is created. Hence the lake is known as Kavadikere.

Kavdi = seashell and kere = lake.

There's a village close-by. It seems local people have heard sounds of bells and conch at noon from the middle of the lake. It's a local belief that anybody challenging to swim across the lake drowns never to come out again.

People often come here to picnic and relax because of it's peaceful ambiance.

If you want to visit Kavdikere, here are the directions, starting from Dharwad.

Dharwad > Kalghatgi > Yellapur > drive towards Ankola, about 5km down the road, watch out for Magod Waterfall's board on your left > take Magod Waterfall road, about 10 or 12 km into the jungle, watch out for Kavdikere board to your left > take the narrow road, Kavdikere is another 5km

If you plan a weekend picnic you can visit Kavdikere, Magod Waterfall and Jenukalgudda. Watch the Sun set at Jenukalgudda and head back to Dharwad.


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