May 17, 2010

Syntheri Rocks revisited

...stopped for breakfast halfway between Dharwad and Haliyal.

A dragon fly.

Durga and Deepak inspecting an ant nest which we found on the road ...must have fallen some time back.

We went for a stroll in a forest lane. Was interesting to note bamboo creations.

We were on our way to Ulavi. We stopped at Syntheri Rocks, visit one for Deepak and Durga. During my last two visits, I had not really noticed the cave formations. These rocks, which are typical to this region (Yana and Ulavi included) seem to have plenty of caves formed within them.

During this visit I also noticed Syntheri Rocks had a high honey bee population. We could see few hundred bee hives. Yellow spots which were actually bee droppings had covered the entire rock surface also the air was saturated with a strong odor. We thought these yellow spots to be an effect of acid rain but our theory was dispelled by a forest guard.

Deepak happened to notice these red-eyed tadpoles. I found it hard to believe they were tadpoles. They were at least 10 times bigger than what I had seen last. Makes me wonder how big the frogs could be.


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