Mar 14, 2011

Toy Train, Cubbon Park and Visvesvaraya Museum

I had ridden the train early 80s... goes without saying that I enjoyed every second of it. I remember seeing Suri & Co. at the back of the last carriage. Dad used to work for Suri Paper Mills, Delhi before we moved to Bengaluru. It seems the company had donated an engine and three carriages ...something like that. Shortly after the visit the train stopped working for many years. It must've disappointed many kids like me.

January 1, 2011.

I had promised to take Durga to take her to Cubbon Park for a ride in the train and also show her Vishweshwariah Industrial and Technological Museum. Here we are.

We got tickets. Indian Rupee ₹5 for kids and Indian Rupee ₹10 for grownups.

Ride lasted about 5 minutes. End of it I felt I seemed to have enjoyed it more than Durga. If I were in her place I would definitely asked for another ride. If you have never been in this train, do watch these videos.

We visited the science museum first since it is open to public at 8AM that's one & half hour before the train ride tickets are issued.

I think the museum has 4 or 5 sections. Most visitors start from the basement which exhibits antique machinery which includes a lorry, an aeroplane, a boiler, a printing press and many more interesting machinery. The good part of the museum are working models which help kids understand working concepts. I could Durga watch and observe, she definitely liked this place.

We rushed through the first and second floors.

...Durga wanted to spend more time but I had some to catch up with some work. I told her to visit again sometime with Deepak.

Few videos I shot at Vishweshwariah Museum.

I wanted to take Durga to Government Museum and Venkatappa Art Gallery which are right next to the science museum :( some other day. The Government Museum has two floors and an open-air sections. The ground floor is mostly prehistoric stuff like neolithic artefacts (tools & pottery shreds), a small weapons collection, sculptures and hero-stones. In the first floor are ancient musical instruments and paintings. The open-air museum is again sculptures and hero-stones. Venkatappa Art Gallery basically is an exhibition of modern art-work.

If you are holidaying with kids at Bengaluru, my suggestion is; forget movie halls and malls, instead take a relaxing walk in Cubbon Park, enjoy the train ride, amaze your kids at the science museum, history museum and check out art work at the art gallery.



ಕನಸು ಕಂಗಳ ಹುಡುಗ said...

sir ji.... valuable article...

Amitabh K Sinha said...

Very helpful article since I shall be visiting Bangaluru soon with my wife and 7 year old grandson.

siddeshwar said...

Amitabhji, wishing you a great trip.