Apr 17, 2011

Torgal Fort

March 6, 2011. Third fort of the day.

Munvalli-Torgal road runs parallel to Malaprabha river. With no major towns the region is typically rural. As we approached Torgal Fort, the terrain got hilly and traffic increased, mostly tractors and trucks moving to & fro sugar mill which is right next to the fort. There it is.

We got off at the fort entrance. That's one of the two gateways. This one faces West while the other North-East. I guess the North-East gate is the main entrance.

Google Map screen-shot

A - Gateway through outer fort wall
B - Gateway through inner fort wall
C - ruins of stone shelter
D - Core, these walls & bastions are taller than the outer fort wall
E - Bhutnath Temple Complex
F - Malaprabha river
G - Mosque
H - North-East gateway

Wonder who these characters are.

The construction is functional not much importance given to aesthetics.

Neel and Chetan check out the structure. We shared our observations, analyze and discuss how and why. This is the gateway through the inner fort wall.

A big fat fish.

Another fish and two creatures, body looks like swan but head look like snake's. Chetan and I discussed but could not decide what it was. I think he mentioned a tortoise.

We climbed a wall to get a good view. That's the core fort. Probably this is the oldest construction. The outer walls where built around for better security.

Just below where we stood was this pair of parallel structures. My guess was it could be shelter for soldiers or visitors. We went exploring looking for a way to climb down and get a better look.

To Chetan this looked like a market place. This could be a army stable too. The structure was supported by stones and looked pretty scary ...what if it collapses.

We wanted to check out the other row but jaali-gida blocked our path. We could find a way though the maze but we would nasty scratches and pick up dirt and soon get itchy in this hot weather. Let's get out.

Looks like a mosque.

We reached the core. Actually this is a Vaade, landlord's residence. We passed by the owners' bungalow, gate was locked and they were out of town. No chance of seeing what's inside the core. People refereed to the owner as 'Maharaj'.

We peeped through a gap in one of the massive doors. Looks like ruins of a palace.

Within the fort is Toragal village. While we amaze at the ancient structures, for them it's just another piece of construction. One of the locals suggested is to check out Bhutnath Temple. We had to pass by a cluster of houses and these kids ambushed us asking to take pictures... photo thegiree. We asked if they'll show us the temple.

This bunch of kids lead us to Bhutnath temple. As you see it's being cared for, work is under progress.

It's a group of 5 or 6 Kadamba style temples, similar to temples of Banavasi and Tambdi Surla, Goa.

Feels good to see well preserved monuments. The kids kept asking to take pictures, they would rush to the direction I pointed my camera. The kids showed us Malaprabha river ...just a stone's throw from the complex. Check out the only video I shot at Torgal Fort.

Bye bye kidddos. We need to move now.

Looks like a tomb. Torgal fort was under Muslim rulers also.

Torgal fort is pretty complex. We are to take the North-East gate, we go through three gateways. This the first one.

We are approaching the second one.

A mosque. I wanted to go exploring here but we still had two more forts to catch up with.

There's the third gateway.

View of the gateway from outside.

We head to Ramdurg.

Toragal Coordinates: 15°56'46"N 75°13'13"E

I heard a person call Toragal Fort as Khanpet Fort.



Team G Square said...

Nice and informative . Great post .Just loved all the pics .

Anonymous said...

Good pictures! I really wish you had run into the residents of the vaade. They could have answered a ton of questions about the fort. It is one of the most fascinating use of multiple layers of fortifications on three sides and the river on the other.

Manjula Umesh said...

Meherban Shrimant UDAYSINHRAO NARSOJIRAO SHINDE - is the Jahagirdar. Ramdurg, Torgal, Nargaund were under the rule of Marathas...

Ref :

Syn-chemist said...

I went through a blog (where in the blogger is accompanied by one of the descendent of the royal family)-which gives an idea how the Godachi temple was built and why there will be spl., poojas...etc
Link :

Jagadish Halyal said...

Awesome potography, I too have been in this village during my childhood.I enjoyed going up the fort and the boothanatha temple. I enjoyed swiming in the malaphrabha river. Sometimes we were in the water for 4 hours a stretch with red eyes and got beatings from parents...

Shashank Rao said...

Hello Siddeshwar,
Thanks to your excellent photography of the jewels of our culture-rich country. Here are my paintings inspired by your photography :)


Thanks a lot :)


suraj said...

wonderful and excellent photography of our native place.thanks to siddeshwar and team for nice pictures...