Sep 3, 2011

Tarakeshwara temple, Hangal

May 27, 2011

Hangal, a small town in Haveri district was ruled by Kadambas of Banavasi, Gangas, Kalyani Chalukyas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagara, Adil Shahis and finally Tipu Sultan. Tarakeshwara temple of Hangal was constructed by Kadambas and later Kalyani Chalukyas made changes to it. Since Kadambas ruled between 345AD and 525AD it won't be wrong to say that the temple was built during the 4th Century. Nagareshwara temple at Bankapura fort is also a Banavasi Kadamba creation.

The entwined pair of snakes is an eye-catching piece of work. One snake has 6 heads while the other one has 3 heads but both seems to of same length. The front enterance of the temple is blocked for some reason.

The outer wall- sculpted and aligned to perfection.

The platform on the left side of the picture connects the Garbha Griha to the assembly/dance hall. The temple is a long narrow structure.

Typical Kadamba enterance- ribbed/grooved spirals flanking 3 steps. Just try running your fingers in the grooves...

A Shiva Linga.

Turned & polished and sculpted column.

Closer look at the lower portion of the column.

Sunflowers in ceiling.

Highly complex designs in Natya Mantapa ceiling.

Columns like these surround the Natya Mantapa. The inner two look like they were added later to support the beam or to reduce load on individual columns.

Octagonal columns.

Elephants are prominent in Banavasi history.

Shikhara over the Garbhagriha.

A mythological creature adorns the Girbhagriha drain.

This sculpture is placed at the Shikhara's base on the temple terrace.

Also on the terrace positioned above the doorways.

This stone is slightly different. The yellow color creates a glow, as though its lit up.

Hero-stones and other sculptures dumped inside the temple.

A stubby little pillar stand very close to the temple's front doorway. Does it have a function?

A group of school kids had come picnicking. One of them asked me if I'd seen the Basavanna. No. It's just outside the temple walls. The kids led me to it.

I felt bad to see such a beautiful creation damaged so badly.

Ganesha temple.

Hangal Tarakeshwara temple is one of the most beautiful temples of Haveri district. Haveri to Hangal is about 40km and distance between Hangal-Dharwad via Tadas is about 100km.

Coordinates: 14°45'54"N 75°7'25"E



Team G Square said...

Very beautiful , There are so many temples which extremely beautiful but are very less popular .Thanks for sharing .

architect Nikhil said...

I was there last week, but missed the Basavanna. Thanks for sharing. Very complete picture you provide of places!

Captain Flint said...

Been here on my way to Sirsi from Haveri. Beautiful place.

Still reading your other posts, will take a few days to complete.. Have you done much around Hassan ? There are many many such small temples with brilliant arch/historical significance : Halmidi, Nuggehalli, Arakere, Shantigrama

Following this blog now!

siddeshwar said...

Thank you Captain Flint. I've heard the names/seen pictures of one or two temples you mentioned here. All these names will go on my wish list.

Rohith.M Manjunathan Sharma shimoga said...

It's help me to write assignment. Thanks for the information.

siddeshwar said...

Welcome Rohit.

Sunil M T said...

Love you all visitors am from my hangal