Mar 24, 2012

sights from Sidlaphadi

Ant nest on the way

Silver Cockscomb, near Sidlaphadi

A dry plant hanging on to its rocky base.

Close up of the plant. You see the tiny flowers? Wonder if its really dry.

Growing out from rocks.

This rock face is almost vertical. Plants are truly the most versatile creatures.

Brown igneous rock.

Looks like remnants of an ant-hill?

It's a unique rock formation. I've seen such formations only in Sidlaphadi. I saw few such formations, some were much higher then this one. This particular one looks like a fortification in hills.

Few more similar formations.

An embedded pebble. Looks like lava solidified around this egg-shaped pebble.

Our shadows on the cave wall.

To see Sidlaphadi caves, read previous post.



architect Nikhil said...

The rock formations are interesting indeed. I guess these could be some hard material of the rock that has remained while other part of the rock around has eroded with age. This post was a pleasant break from the ruins you keep visiting all the time ;) I liked the closeup of the bush (pic 4).

siddeshwar said...

Thank you architect Nikhil :)