Mar 28, 2015

Humnabad fort remains

October 4, 2014
Srinu and I left Hyderabad early morning, armed with a list of monuments to cover for the day. This road, a national highway connecting Hyderabad and Mumbai, was in bad shape. One can't really enjoy the drive on this road.. too many interruptions for a smooth drive :( Our first stop was Humnabad, we had breakfast and then went in search of an ancient gateway - the remains of a fort.

This is all that is remaining of Humnabad fort. There's barely any historical information available online about Humnabad. It's my guess this place was known by another name before it became known as Humnabad. It is said that Humnabad was ruled by King Ramachandra Jadhav, a descendant of Dhanaji Jadhav a Maratha commander who had built a fort at Bhalki.

The structure is made of dressed laterite blocks. Laterite is available in plenty in Bidar district. The Bahamani fort at Bidr is entirely built of laterite. This gateway is about 25' deep, having chambers on either sides, Right next to the  gateway is a Dargah which seems to be well visited by local people.

The inside view of the gateway. I spoke to two or three residents of this locality, they had no historical information to offer :(
We move on towards Hanakuni fort, King Ramachandra Jadhav's treasury.

Places of historical/religious importance in and around Humnabad:
  1. Veerabhadreshwara temple
  2. Manik Prabhu temple
  3. Karanja Reservoir
  4. Hankuni fort
  5. Buddha Vihar at Rekulagi
  6. Jalasanghi


mustangally said...

"...I spoke to two or three residents of this locality, they had no historical information to offer :("

That is so sad indeed.

Interesting post, Siddie. Now I keep my India maps out permanently so I know where you are on these travels!

Stay well, my friend.

siddeshwar said...

There are so many neglected historical monuments.. local people have no interest in preserving their heritage :(

Your next trip to India should be a longer one. Yes, Alexis?

Rohit R said...

Humnabad was previously called Jayasingapura. The fort was built by Chalukya (of Kalyana) king Jayasimha in the year 1040 CE.