Apr 18, 2015

108 feet statue of Basaveshwara, Basava Kalyana

During my previous trip to Basava Kalyana i.e. Dec 2010, I remember someone mentioning construction of a gigantic statue of Basaveshwara.

October 4, 2014
Our day started with Humnabad followed by Hanakuni fort, Kalmeshwar temple at Jalasanghi and Uma-Mashehswara temples at Umapur. The day was pretty warm as we arrived at Basava Kalyana cross. About 3 kms from the cross is a hillock on the right hand side with the 108' tall statue of Jagatjyoti Basaveshwara.

The statue is within the premises of a Matae Mahadevi's organization for spiritual development. Below the statue is a meditation chamber. Construction work is still in progress, there's a long way to go before it gets completed.

This is the stairway on the hillock slope. At every stage are statues of Shiva Sharanas. The place is designed to create awareness of Lingayathism.

view from the hillock's base
Basaveshwara's sister Shiva Sharanae Akka Nagamma
Shiva Sharana Madiwala Machayya
The place is made for tourists. A set of life size statues depicting XII century way of life here in Kalyana during Basaveshwara's time. It's called Sharana village; one can see people engaged in various professions like a merchant, carpenter, blacksmith, a physician, etc.

An artificial cave has been created and dedicated to Akka Mahadevi. This is on the hill. Similarly at the base of the hill is another cave dedicated to Basaveshwara.

This is the arch at Basaveshwara cross on the national highway.

We proceed towards Kalyana fort.. for some reason the gate was locked. Even the museum was closed :( We proceed towards Bhatambra fort in Bhalki taluq.

PS: check out Basaveshwara memorial at Gadag.


pushpa said...

Great post sir!👌

Manjula Umesh said...

Nice to see this post, had read about statue of Basaveshwara in news papers, awesome clicks of the statues.Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Loved the post's, nice pics, crisp short reads giving us an overview towards the places,

siddeshwar said...

thank you Pushpa, Manjula and Mahesh.
Basava Jayanti Subhashayagalu.