Jul 25, 2015

Battle Tanks at Bangalore

Sometime 1979 or 1980.. memories of my father telling me about this enemy tank are fresh.

May 18 2015.. during an early morning cycle ride, I stopped to take a good look at the captured machine. Even this machine is treated with great respect by Indian Army.

Captured M-47 Patton Tank
Battle of Assal Uttar
10 Sept 1965
This M-47 Patton Tank was captured at the Bhikiwind village in the Khem sector in 1965. The tank battles of 1965 find their place in annals of military history as the most intense since World War-II. The offensive by the Pakistanis was blunted in the battle of Assal Uttar on 10 Sep 1965.

May 21 2015
I'd noticed this tank recently, its on public display at ASC Centre and College entrance on Old Airport Road.
Main Battle Tank (MBT) Vijayanta
MBT "Vijayanta" meaning "Victorious" is the first ever tank produced by India. It was introduced in the Indian army in 1966 under licensed production agreement with "Vickers" of UK. Total of 2200 MBT Vijayanta were produced by Heavy Vehicle Factory, Avadi (Tamil Nadu) till production discontinued in 1983.

MBT Vijayanta has the best balance between armour, mobility and fire power. Weighing approximately 40 tons, it is armed with 105 mm rifled gun, 0.3 inch co-axial machine gun and six smoke dischargers. Four member crew consisted of commander, gunner, loader and the driver.

Safe guarding our national borders for nearly four decades, MBT Vijayanta was deeply feared by the enemy. It proved it's mettle in Indo-Pak war of 1971 and destroyed many of the famous Patton tanks of the enemy. The old war hero will always be remembered for the yeoman service in the defence oh the nation.

Though MBT Vijayanta was phased out in 2004, some of it's variants like Kartik Bridge laying tanks and 'catapult' self propelled artillery are still in service.

Another MBT Vijayanta on Ulsoor Tank bund.


Prashanth said...

Just a small bit of info.. If you notice the Pakistani tank, its main gun is lowered & Indian tank Main guns are raised. The reason is always captured tank guns should be lowered in submission & own tank guns should be raised.

Piyush said...

There are some other tanks on display in Bangalore:
1. There is a Stuart light tank of the Indian Army on the road around Ulsoor Lake.
2. There is a captured Pakistani Sherman on display in the cantonment on the road between Sarjapur and Silk Board.
3. There is another Vijayanta on display outside the cantonment near Ulsoor Lake (different from the one on the Bund shown in the article).
4. Finally there is a rare M3 Grant with a long barreled cannon, again next to Ulsoor Lake.

Also the part of the Vijayanta being a much feared tank is a bit inaccurate - the tank never actually took part in tank vs. tank engagements in the 1971 war.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Everyone.. I was looking for this info everywhere..