Jan 13, 2016

Team Outing at Leonia Resort - part 2

...article continued from Team Outing at Leonia Resort - part 1.

April 4, 2015
Our team rooms were on the 8th floor, I think. Rooms on one side of the aisle has a great view of open land. The terrain was flat as far as eyes could see. Close to the red sloped roof building is the swimming pool complex, movie theatre and go-cart track.

The resort campus has small trees, perhaps if the management plants saplings of Banyan, Rain tree or Silver Oak.. the place will have a wonderful look and feel when the trees are fully grown.

Morning was lazy, people were slow to wake and come down for breakfast. The only activity for the morning was cricket. Here we are- team divided into two teams. There were folks who wouldn't be playing.. one would be an umpire, I would be shooting pictures and rest watching.

There we go, the action beings.. batting, umpiring and bowling.

..end of an over the roles change to wicket-keeping.

Batsmen awaiting their turns are part of the audience at the moment.

 A bouncer.. goes for a four.

Teams switch sides.. now the chase to catch up with the score starts.

Fielding was tight, pressure was building.

Furious bowling to keep score under check..

While the game is heating up, we have two cool dudes relaxing in the shade.

Batsmen grabbing runs consistently..

The game is hot; captain exerts pressure on bowlers..

Even the batsmen are under pressure. Now its hit out or get out time. Every ball has to be aimed at the boundary..

With few balls to go, the target was reached. Winning team celebrating the victory. The two cool dudes somehow managed to get into the celebration :)

The losing team booing the winners..

Team heads back to the main building. Time to rest and then head for indoor games.

The indoor games place was part of the swimming pool complex.. a pool table, table tennis and carrom. No takers for carrom; most the group hung around the pool tables..

..while four of them occupied the two TT tables.

The umpire had floated away to dream world.. blissfully on his own :)

Afternoon session was rather dull, most were tired, hungry and looking forward to returning home..

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