Jan 23, 2016

Dodda Basavanna Gudi, Bengaluru

Basavangudi is one of Bangalore's oldest localities, its named after Dodda Basavanna Gudi aka Big Bull Temple, a 500 year old shrine dedicated to Basava, Lord Shiva's mount. Inside the temple is a large stone bull measuring 4.5m in height and 6.5m in length. It is said that the bull came into existence during Kempegowda's rule. The story behind the bull goes like this: long time back, in this area farmers grew groundnuts. A bull living in the vicinity would raid the fields and feed on groundnut plants. One day, a farmer loses patience and chases it with a stick but the bull escapes. The farmer gives up the chase because it was dusk. The following morning the farmer along with fellow farmers go in search of the bull and to their surprise they see a large stone bull at the spot where it was seen last. The farmer believe that it was the bull he had chased had turned into stone because of his mistake and starts worshipping it. Farmers start a groundnut fair near the temple. The fair known as "Kadalekai Parase" continues to this day.

September 10, 2015
A pair of big horns welcome visitors to Big Bull Temple.

The temple has a Gopura and a large doorway with massive gates.

The temple has a open Sabha Mantapa.

The Garbhagudi is slightly elevated. Basavanna is its usual position.. lying down on its belly with its right leg bent and raised. Its head is turned slightly to left as though it wanted to see who's standing in the front. On the head is a trident; it is said that the head was nailed to stop the idol from growing.

I think the bull was originally white; for some reason they are smeared something dark and made black. Its the same with Basavanna at Chamundi Betta and Nadihalli. However the Basavanna at Lepakshi is still white.

Basavanna is decorated with garlands of tinklets and a bell.

A dressed block with two line Kannada inscription.. one of the words is Basaveshwara.

The warm glow of the orange flame.. this brass oil lamp looks quite old. The image on its back is similar to Mysore Sandal Soap logo.

black and white Shiva Linga and a brass Anjaneya.

A small Basava too.

 Every Shivalinga will be accompanied by a Basavanna. However, this Basava doesn't seem to have a Shiva Linga.. Here's what I think; if you look in the direction Basava is facing.. go beyond Bangalore.. see towards Tumkur.. what do you see? Shivagange hill which looks like a giant Linga.


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