Oct 15, 2016

Temple-Mosque Complex, Nagavi

July 2, 2106
After Sanjeevini Anjaneya darshan, we were scanning the surrounding area. On the eastern side was temple-mosque complex.. two stepped-Shikharas and one domed minar stood out from the complex. The entire complex was enclosed in a wall built of Shahabad stones. Good rains had fed the soil from which lot of vegetation thrived. Since the place is frequented by shepherds and probably priests to perform rituals footpaths were created. We went along the paths..

First we stopped at the stepped well, not a deep one. Water was clear and seemed quite fresh. Thanks to rains.

So this the twin Shikhara temple. Online sources say these temples were built during Rastrakuta rule when Manyakheta was the empire's capital. All these structures are built of Shahabad stones. Local people have covered them in sunna ~ lime.

Adjoining the temple is the mosque like structure but the saffron color door indicates this is another Hindu shrine. Normally Muslim structures are green. The ambience was peaceful, perfect place to have lunch. It was cloudy and windy yet warm.

Another view of the spot. Notice the statue on the right ..this kind of reminds of totem poles of Red Indians. Its a unique sculpture.. something totally new to me. Its a male character in a very compactly seated, body erect, so are neck and head. Face looks peaceful with eyes cast down. Arms are held together as though holding on to a short stick. The idol is beautiful. Need to find out more about it.

This long hall must be a shelter for pilgrims visiting this shrine. Like the nearby Nagavi Yellamma Gudi, we see Islamic architecture here also.

The halls's exterior. This could also been a prayer hall. If the structure on the right was a mosque, probably this was an extension.

This definitely looks like a mosque ..the minars an arch over the entrance. However inside its more a Hindu shrine than a mosque.

The mosque's dome painted in gold. However I think below this dome there could be a Hindi shrine.

Having done with this monument, we decide to move on.. As we head towards Nagavo fort gate, I noticed stone slabs jutting out from the ground. Probably long time back an earthquake must have dislodged slabs which tore out of the surface. In this region its pretty common to see vast sheets of plain stones coveirng large areas/ At times its hard to believe its natural formation, it seems as though these sheets were laid out by masons.

A stone's throw from here is Nagavi arched fort entrance.


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