Oct 1, 2016

Nagavi Yellamma Devastana, Chittapur

July 2, 2016

Day 1 of our journey between Hyderabad and Dharwad; our plan was to stop at few historical spots of Gulbarga district and reach Bijapur by nightfall. We has visited Bijjanahalli to see the 800 shoes made for Basavanna by his disciple couple Haralayya and Kalyanamma. Then we spent few hours at Sedam to see Panchalingeshwara Gudi, Kottala Basaveshwara Gudi and Jain Basadi. Next on our list was Nagavi near Chittapur. At Nagavi was the second ancient Hindu University. Though the place is hardly known, it has a long history. So we reach Chittapur town and head towards Nagavi. The historic spot is south of Chittapur town; its 10 minute drive. As you approach the ancient site, first thing you'll see is Shree Nagavelambika Yellamma Devasthana on your right hand side.

Here's the temple gateway, this is the inner side; the outer side is pretty much similar. At the entrance are two open wells, both seem ancient. It was midday, not many visitors at the temple.

Looks like the structure was painted recently. This temple architecture is quite different. It seems more like a Muslim shrine.. Its a big four sided structure, with 3 open faces having graceful arches. The Garbhagudi has a narrow entrance facing North; one has to bend low to pass through. This must have been renovated during a Muslim ruler's time hence this architecture.

Opposite the shrine are three lamp pillars ~ Deepastambha. It seems like instead of one tall pillar, three smaller ones were created.

This is the open hall where pilgrims wait for their Darshan of the Devi. Below the arch is a small doorway of the Garbhagudi.

Inner dome of the open hall. Designer have beautifully transitioned from square to circle. This design can be seen in some of the ancient mosques and tombs of Gulbarga. Here ancient builders skill and present day artists' skill mingle. Old design covered in new paint. Lovely it is.

A shrine dedicated to Matangi.

Around the shrine are shelters- lodges for temple care-takers and pilgrims. I'm being candid here- the temple premises is untidy; dirty floors and holy trash lying all around. For some reason, even Saundatti Yellamma Devasthana is also not clean. Wish temple care-takers serious note of the condition and take steps to educate pilgrims about cleanliness.

Talking about Muslim ruler's sponsored temple renovation, about 100 meters from the temple is an ancient Islamic tomb built of Shahabad stones. No idea who's tomb this is.

We move on.. our next stop would be Nagavi Snjeevini Hanuman temple, about 800 meters away.


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