Sep 24, 2016

Sri Kottala Basaveshwara Temple, Sedam

July 2, 2016
This was my first visit to Sedam town; objective of the visit was to check out the historical spots. Our first stop was Panchalingeshwara Gudi followed by Manikeshwara Gudi & Bananthi Kambha and Jain Basadi. The short break for refreshments at a bandi near Chauras ~ 4-way junction in the old town of Sedam. Kottala Basaveshwara Gudi is stone's throw from Chauras. So here's the east-facing entrance of the temple.

The name Kottala Basaveshwara is a result of the temple's proximity to Sedam fort ruins. In Kannada, Kottala means bastion. It seems the temple was in neglected state before it gained popularity. The temple's deity is a 5' tall Basavanna ~ Lord Shiva's mount.

View of the Sabha Mantapa ~ an open hall visiting devotees. The temple has a peaceful ambience.

During our few minutes stay in the hall, we happened to watch a little girl feed her even little brother; she fed her pieces of banana so patiently.

The hall is pretty simple but the overhanging chandler is beautiful. I think its pretty old, probably 70 to 80 years old.

 The temple's north entrance. On the left are several rooms, probably devotees' lodge.

 Within the temple premises is a subterranean shrine of Shri Madivaleshwara Swami. It is said that Madivaleshwara Swami chose to be entombed when he was still alive.

 This is the subterranean shrine; local people say this is usually filled with a feet deep water. During our visit there was about 6" of water.

On the right is a water tank, the temple's source of water. One side of this courtyard are a line of class rooms for IV, V and Vi standard. Straight ahead is the room which was used by Shri Madivaleshwara Swami, the room has been preserved in his memory.

Here's a short video of the temple courtyard..

Attached to the temple is Shri Kottala Basaveshwara Education Society, which was started by Madivaleshwara Swami with a handful students nearly four decades ago. Over the years, with loving care and hardwork by its members, the institution has grown and diversified; It now runs a nursery, schools, and colleges, with nearly 4,000 students. It provides training in computers, tailoring, typewriting, wrestling, and sports. The institution strives towards overall development of children & women of rural areas.

So, having done with Sedam for the day, we move on towards Bijjanahalli.

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