Aug 12, 2017

Shilpavana, Kannada University - part 3

..continued from Shilpavana, Kannada University - part 2.

Kannada University of Kamalapur has an interesting collection of sculptures created by students and teachers. The ideas are original and one has to admire the creations.

Here's a modern day Torana; unlike the ancient Thoranas decorated with floral and geometrical designs, this is an angular one. The two round stones at the top is a nice addition. And as I shot this picture a little bird landed on the left stone.. as though it wanted to make the Torana symmetrical.

Next we have a Deepa Stambha capped by a dome. Another unique feature is the long stairway. Actually the tower is built on a boulder hence the need for the steps.

Vijayanagara emblem etched in rock. Sun, Moon, sword and boar. The artist has found the right spot for his drawing.

Kannada Vishwavidyalaya logo. The catch phrase reads "maadambodu jyotirlinga."

A pair of ribbed boulders. One may think what's there in these rocks. Creating these parallel grooves needs lot of care and effort. Simple looking yet beautiful creation.

I have no idea what this sculpture is about.. however it seems like a Linga for far.

A complex design but I have no clue what its about.

A stack of cuboids. A tasteful creation indeed.

More standing rock sculptures.. a donkey head with a stack of thick books.. a knowledgeable beast? The middle one is another complex creation; the base has four images on each of its faces.. wish I'd shot the other two as well. Looking the ones seen here.. on the left is an egg and sperms.. on the right is obviously a flower. Each image is complimented by a quote. The third sculpture seems to denote a seed and plant.

The administrative building "Aadalithanga"architecture is a copy from Vijayanagara structures.

This seems to depict a stringed musical instrument.. a sitar?

Opposite the Aadalithanga is this lovely scene. A rock bed with umbrella-shaped trees. In the shade is Jakanachari engrossed in work.

Close by is another complex pillar.. plant roots embracing a stone? In the background is a bowing human. See inset for a closer look at the bowing figure.

This is the university's utility building.. shops, canteens and other amenities. The building resembles a British era jail.. that's what Pushpa remarked.

At the university campus entrance.. a couple on a pillar. This must be a creation of one of the senior staff.

Another visit to this amazing place is due. The place has a peaceful ambiance, really relaxes the mind.


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