Oct 30, 2017

monkeys of Anjanadri Betta

August 12, 2017
Anjanadri Betta is considered as the birth place of Lord Hanuman, at its summit is a temple dedicated to Anjaneya and his mother Anajana. On this beautiful hill live our Lord's kith and kin. I could see two types of monkeys- the smaller red-face monkeys and the bigger black-face monkeys. The latter is usually known as Langur. At the summit are the smaller variety. As Pushpa described, they keep to themselves bothering no one. During our visit we spent close to 45 minutes at the summit and had a good time seeing monkey antics.

Here's a monkey couple, they seemed to be a dedicated pair. The female was physically challenged, it had no hands. As I wondered how it managed on these rocks.. it demonstrated its ability to jump and balance on steep rock faces. Its confidence was no less than any other monkey. She was lively creature too, playing mischief with her mate.

The other attraction was large family consisting of several grown ups and lot of little ones. Two little ones were playful ..actually they were fighting over something. One particular scene was quite amusing here. As the fight got serious, the milder one ran away with the bolder one at its heels. The former hid behind its parent ..ah, I'm safe now. The latter, looking at the big monkey froze for a moment ..see below.

The hunted is peeping ..is it gone or still there? While the hunter is still wondering what next?

No more a hunter, it took couple of steps backward ..I can't take on the big fellow.

Oh no! What a shame, I lost!!

I can't show my face to any one now :( In the background, another monkey was silently watching the little one silently. Poor little fellow.

Else where.. another baby monkey was captivated by some insect in a puddle. It watched the creature patiently.

As it got more curious, it tried to grab the insect. No, the little one is still learning.

Closer to the temple was a loner. Sitting peacefully, enjoying the mild breeze, looking at the last light of another day passing by..

This was my third visit to Anjanadri Betta and all three visits were on Saturdays, the day of Lord Hanuman.


teamgsquare said...

Beautiful captures...

siddeshwar said...

Thank you, TGS.