Feb 17, 2018

Ettipottala waterfalls

December 24, 2017
Having traveled from Hyderabad to Nalagonda to Vijayapuri North, we checked into Vijay Vihar the Telangana government resort. There was still daylight remaining so we planned for a quick visit to Ettipottala waterfalls which was about 17 kms away. The drive was interesting as the road was twisty and passed over hilly terrain. We reached our destination in 30 minutes including a stop to buy vehicle entry ticket at the check-post. The place was crowded with vehicles and people, to add to it there were lot of monkeys. We had to buy tickets again, this time for people. Few seconds walk from the counter is the valley of Ettipottala.

This spot reminds me of Gokak Falls in Karnataka which is much higher. In terms of width, Gokak falls is about 150m while Ettipottala is about 200m. It would be a grand sight here during a good rainy season.

 The main source of water is a river which is dry at this time of the year. The water seen now is from Nagarjuna Sagar right canal. Some water is let out of the canal which flows down here. This stream flows down through the valley to river Krishna. If not for this water, we would be looking at barren rocks.. which has its own beauty.

 Few close up shots of cascading water. The rocks have perfectly flat surfaces over which drops bounce and dance.

The clear waters of Krishna river breakup into a milky white fall.

Nice spot to bathe :)

The milky stream merging into the pond below.

The place has a nice ambiance provided you can ignore human noises. The rock overhang on which is a popular lookout spot.

The valley. Water flows down this valley to river Krishna which is about 4.8 kms away.

Besides the waterfalls, monkeys are an attraction here. They are neither bothersome nor friendly, its best not to pay too much attention to them. However, if you have any edible stuff, be watchful. Closed to the ticker counter was a parked car. The tailed creatures had a good time sliding down the front windshield. One was trying to pry out the antenna.. car designers should take consider such factors.

Right besides the counter is another arch which greets people to temples dedicated to Varada Raja Swami and Dattatraya Swami. We saw a group which was hauling food material, mats, blankets, pillows ..looks like they had plans of camping overnight at the temples.

It was dusk and we were tired, decided to leave the place. On the way back, we stopped for a picture of the bridge across river Krishna - the road connecting right and left banks of mighty Krishna.

Directions from Vijay Vihar to Ettipotala: turn right at Vijay Vihar entrance - go towards river Krishna - over the bridge, across the river and keep driving on the main road towards Tallapalli until you see Ettipottala check-post on your left-hand-side. From this check-post, its another 3 km drive to the waterfalls.

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