Nov 14, 2018

Basaveshwara Devasthana, Basava Kalyana

My first visit to Basaveshwara temple was way back in Feb 1996, during the biking trip. Gulli and I had come to here around 5 AM, it was still dark and premises was dug up, mounds of dirt heaped around, construction work was on. Around the temple's courtyard is a long open hall for visitors to sit, rest, have food or sleep. On the walls were colorful paintings depicting stories of Shiva Sharanas like Madiwala Machayya, Kumbara Gundayya, Chamara Haralayya, Ambigara Chowdayya, Dohara Kakkayya, and others. Then I visited again Jan 2011 along with my maternal uncles.

September 2, 2018
Our day started with visits to Anubhava Mantapa, 108' statue of Basaveshwara, Kalyana museum and fort. As we drove through the town we decided to pay a visit to Basaveshwara Devastana. The temple hasn't changed much over the years and happy that the open courtyard is left as it is.That's the temple Shikhara. 

The inner temple is a congested place. This is the Garbhagudi below the Shikhara, inside is a black stone idol of Basavanna. This temple design is commonly found in northern districts of Karnataka. The idol here depicts Basaveshwara as a monk. A narrow path around this temple leads to another small shrine..

This is the second shrine, inside is another idol of  Basavanna decorated with silky garments and wearing a crown. This depicts Basavanna as a minister of Kalyana kingdom.

Jai Basavaraja.

Learn more about this XII century social revolutionist from an older post- Basaveshwara memorial at Gadag.

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