Apr 13, 2019

temples of Shamanur

Shamanur is my grandfather's origin. Five decades ago, Davangere and Shamanur were separate town and village, 4 kilometers separated the town and village back then, the road was flanked by a mix of barren land and paddy fields. Mid 90s Davangere-Harihar bypass road was built which cut through the fields, passing right next to Shamanur village. Then the sleepy little village changed into a busy place, lot of economical development. As a result, the village's ancient shrines were renovated.

As you enter Shamanur from Davangere side, you'll see a wide open yard i.e the village square which serves as a bus-stand and parking area. Adjoining the square is the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Anjaneya. The temple's deity, a six feet 800 year old stone idol of Anjaneya is said to be installed by Vysaraja. The temple's renovation was completed in the year 2000. The temple receives a steady stream of visitors through the day and Saturdays its quite crowded.

The temple's Gopura with the handsome idol of Hanuman.

Right opposite Anjaneya Devasthana is Ishwara Devasthana. This too is an ancient shrine. This north facing temple's renovation work is still in progress.

Then there's the third temple.. Basavanna Gudi. This is an east facing temple.

Besides these three temples, Shamanur also has an ancient Digambar Jain shrine with a beautiful idol of Parshwanath. Also, there's a hero-stone adjoining a house behind the Basavanna temple. It was a nice to have set foot here, the soil where our forefathers footprint lies buried.

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