Feb 8, 2010


A pair of elephants and some soldiers have stood at Madhukeshwara Temple gate for centuries welcoming visitors. The most beautifully crafted elephants I've ever seen.

This bouquet like object caught my attention.

Shields looks like UK flag is etched into it.

This is one of the two pillars standing opposite temple entrance...

...with Lord Ganesha on one of the four faces of the pillar.

That's Madhukeshwara Temple of Banavasi.

The architecture is unique to Kadamba temples; low and sloping roof. Another popular Kadamba temple I've visited is Tambdi Surla temple near Molem in Goa.

This stone Mantapa must have been carved out of a single stone. Somehow I failed to get a good picture even after shooting this on 3 different occasions. Banavasi temple is also popular for a stone cot but it's almost impossible to get a decent picture because it's locked up in a room.

Above is the left side of gopura and a wall filled with Shivalinga, Basavanna and elephants.

Below is the view of the rear portion of the temple.

These two panels which not only show the artist's skill but also tell Hindu mythological stories. The temple care-taker explained how on can see more than just a cow with two heads.

I wish I could spend more time... and see around the temple but I had to travel back to Sirsi, have lunch and then leave to Dharwad.


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