Feb 16, 2010

Sirsi-Banavasi Pineapples

Sometime 2000 I learnt that pineapples are grown near Sirsi and Banavasi but I could not get to see the fields. This visit I made sure I explored one. It seems snakes are plenty in these fields ...I watched every step.

...not very well maintained, lot of weeds. All the more better for creepy crawlies.

This pineapple is almost ready to be harvested though it does not look well grown.

I relish pineapple slices and also pineapple juice. For me it's the next tasty fruit after grapes and oranges.


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Captain Flint said...

Same goes for areas around Jog/Siddapura. Last year bought some of the sweetest pineapples I've ever had near the Siddapura - Sagar road junction