Feb 23, 2010

Kamalanarayana Temple, Devgaon

Devgaon, Degulahalli, Kasamalagi and Halasi. Even though these places are close to Dharwad, I'd never heard people mention these places. A colleague who'd been to Halasi on a research project to take impression of an inscription at Narasimha temple. Directions I got; Halasi is close to Bidi. I knew Bidi is near Kittur.

I left Dharwad at 6AM, drove on NH4 towards Kittur. Few kilometers before Kittur, I saw Karnataka Tourism board with a list of tourist place in the vicinity.

I decided to visit all places... possible since they are all close by and roads are in pretty decent shape. At Kittur I turned off NH4 to my left towards Bidi.

About 5km down the road I turned left towards Devgaon. It’s a little village and anybody can direct you to the only temple- Kamalanarayana Gudi.

The temple is small but looks solid, lot of intricately sculpted stone art works.

Even though the side with sloping roof is the front portion the main entrance of the temple is on the right side.

This is the temple's main door.

As you step in and look up you see this wonderful wheel hanging from the ceiling. There are two such domes with delicately carved stone wheels.

Move in further, you can see two sanctum sanctorum.

Inscription in Halegannada (old Kannada) and Devanagiri.

I spent about 45 minutes looking around. I struggled to take pictures in here (I do not like to shoot with flash), either they would blur or turn out too dull. I shot a short video walking around the temple.

It's an interesting place to visit. If you are visiting Dharwad do not miss this monument. Make it a point to visit Kittur fort and Devgaon. If time permits you can visit Degulahalli, Kasamalagi and Halasi also.



Casy said...

Loved the pictures!

mannari said...

beautiful place. nicely portrayed. direction is well given. helps research students. thanks _ mannari