Aug 9, 2010

Neersagar, Sidharoodha Mutta, Gundyall Lake & Moorsavira Mutta

Hubli is one city I always avoid. That's because it's crowded, noisy and dusty. But my wish to visit Sidda Ruda Muttaand Moorsavira Mutta was pending for quite some time. Chetan, my colleague, is from Hubli. During a lunch break, we spoke about places around Hubli and struck a plan to visit both muttas coming Saturday. July 31, after work, over lunch at Sheetal Goan Fishland we decided to visit Neersagar also.

Neersagar always known as Dummadkeri is about 15km away from Dharwad on Kalghatgi road between Jodalli and Dummad. As we drove on Kalghatgi road, we saw green fields. Just before Dummad we turned took a small road to our right. About 2km down the road we were at Neersagar gate. Wind was blowing in from the west. It started to rain as we reached the steps leading up the reservoir bund.

We took shelter under the gate-house. Air was fresh and cool. Few minutes later it stopped raining and we walked on the bund. We could see few kites being harassed by crows. We saw a butterflies defying the windy conditions. I remembered Deepak telling "butterflies are one of the best fliers, one moment they are here and the next moment they are else where." It's so true!

I learnt from Chetan that Neersagar water is supplied water to Hubli. Our next destination was Sidharoodha Mutta. We drove back towards Dharwad, went through the underpass for Dharwad-Hubli bypass and at Kanvihonnapur took right towards Taryal, the industrial area of Hubli. We drove past Hubli Airport and then on Gokul road we took a right- straight to our destination.

I imagined the mutta to be bigger place than what I saw. On Chetan's insistence we went to the mutta's pond to see fish. I was thrilled to see the fishes of various sizes. Couple of them were about one and half foot long. It's started pouring all of a sudden, we rushed to the car and decided to head towards Gundyal Lake. We drove through the narrow lanes of old Hubli and soon we were outside Hubli driving towards Devaragudyall.

Surprisingly the road was good, after about 10km, we took a narrow dirt road to our right. In a minute the Gundyall lake was in view. With paper plates and plastic cups strewn around I could guess this is a good place for youngsters to party. We drove on the bund, past the gate house. Water from this lake is supplied to Hubli Railway Junction. We spent some time on the lake bank watching local people go about their chores. Some boys were cleaning a battered red Maruti Zen, few women washing clothes, some youth trying to catch fish for dinner few others simply loitering around. One dog was lazing around on the grass. I saw one of the guys pull out a half-filled quarter bottle from his pocket, dip in the water carefully so that water mixed with the booze, held it up to his eyes, satisfied with his handy work, took a long swig.

There's nothing special about the place but it definitely is peaceful and probably we get to see some water birds too. One thing I did like was the waves created by the wind, it looked as though water was flowing. It was time to move on, our next destination- Moorusaavira Mutta.

We were driving past Bharat Mills' imposing chimney. We stopped and shot few pictures. Chetan and me stood there admiring the chimnet built sometime during the British rule.

Chetan gave me directions and at one point I asked if he was sure about the roads ...should we stop and ask for directions. Can we ask three thousand mutta? No, we cannot. We negotiated the narrow lanes (may be I should simple say lanes because all roads in Hubli are narrow) of market area ...the massive gateway built of stone was right ahead of us. We parked, washed our feet and hands and went in- Moorusavira Matha.

The temple was under ground. The place is well maintained. We spent few minutes looking around. I was little tired and hungry.

Chetan sugegsted Kamat Hotel was the best and also close by. We left the car in the mutta, walked to Kamat. Over idlis and tea we spoke about other places we could visit. It seems Hubli fish market is a very interesting place, we get to see hndreds of varieties of sea creatures including octopus, hammerhead shark and sting rays. ...some day I'll visit it. We said bye and split.

It was nice way to spend Saturday afternoon.


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