Dec 7, 2013

Bonsai Garden at Lalbagh

October 14, 2013
Japanese style gateway to Bonsai Garden
At the garden is an interesting collection of 70+ plants... lets call them trees, their ages varying from 15 to 70 years. These pictures were shot by my niece.
ficus benjamina | 20 years
araucaria cookii | 25 years
ficus aastica veriegat | 15 years
ficus benghalensis | 30 years
barringtonia asiatica | 50 years

aleurites fordii | 50 years
polyalthia longifolia (false ashoka) | 15 years
casurina equisetifolia | 60 years
jacquinia aculeata | 35 years
ficus infectoria | 35 years
pithecolobium dulc | 30 years
bombax ceiba | 70 years
ficus nutens | 35 years
bambusa vulgaris | 20 years
ficus benjamina | 30 years
ficus religios | 30 years
psidium guajava | 25 years
acacia ferrugineo banni | 50 years
And here's a tribute to all life forms- a hand-made obelisk depicting various organisms, from the smallest to the largest.
Evolution Obelisk


Mala Kulkarni said...

very intersting.....durga has capturered them beautifully.

siddeshwar said...

anyone visiting Lalbagh must see these little trees.

dimpy roy said...

Nice collection of pictures. Thanks for sharing. Known for India's largest collection of tropical plants, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens offer a plethora of fauna of varied variety. Check out timings, entry fee, best time to visit, all details of Lal Bagh Botanical Garden also.