Feb 12, 2014

ಶಿವಶರಣೆ ನೀಲಾಂಬಿಕೆ ಐಕ್ಯವಾದ ಸ್ಥಳ ~ Shivasharane Neelambike memorial

Having visited Jagatjyoti Basaveshwara Aikyastala at Kudala Sangama and Shivasharane Gangambike Aikyastala near MK Hubli, a visit to Shivasharane Neelambike Aikyastala was on my list for a long time.  Gangambike and Neelambike were Basaveshwara's first and second wives respectively. Both women had dedicated their lives to propagation of Basaveshwara's teachings and way of life ~ "Kayakave Kailasa" which means "work is worship." Like other Sharanas, Neelambike too composed vachanas...

November 26, 2013
While Basaveshwara Aikyastala is at the confluence of Krishna & Malaprabha, Neelambike Aikyastala is 3.7 kilometers downstream close to the opposite bank just a kilometer away from Tangadgi.

Neelambike memorial as seen from the bridge across Krishna
The structure is much smaller when compared to Basaveshwara's and Gangambike's memorials.

bridge to the temple
A stone plaque dedicated to Madivala Machidevaru, Nijabakthe Neelambike and Jagatjyoti Basavaeshwara.
Madiwala Machideva | Neelambike | Basavanna
Nijabhakte Neelambike
top view of Aikya Mantapa
Aikya Mantapa as seen from floor level
temple on the left
temple on the right
left bank to right bank, across Basava Sagara
across mighty Krishna, 3.7 kms away is Kudala Sangama
To learn more about Basaveshwara and his wives visit this post: Gangambike and Neelambike- Ideal wives of Basavanna by Chandrashekar Salimath.

Another prominent Shivasharane was Akka Nagamma, Basaveshwara's elder sister who attained Aikya at Yennehole near Tarikere.

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