Apr 26, 2014

Muhammadan Tombs of Kadirampuram

March 23, 2013
We were driving from Bellary back home to Dharwad. Enroute we stopped at Hampi, visited few monuments and had lunch. It was my idea to find a silent spot for a nap.. as we drove towards Hospet I saw this tomb to our right.. yes, this would be perfect place because its clean, has enough shade and no people around. Mama and I walked into the tomb complex while Prakash chose to stay in his Indica.

At the entrance was a signage proclaiming the complex as Muhammadan Tombs of Kadirampuram.
These are tombs and grave structures in typical "Bahamani" characters. They are known for austerity. One of the tombs has an entrance to the south with two small arched niches on either side of the door. The exterior wall of the tomb is plain with huge arches. The parapet above is treated with simple merlons. The large and plain hemispherical dome completes the elevation. Nearby is a large roofless tomb with three graves inside. While the lower half of the tomb has arched doorway flanked by two arched panels the upper half has a rows of seven small arched panels.

The complex has only two large structures one with a dome and the other without a dome. The latter is roofless, its open to sky. Both structures are grilled and locked, visitors have to be satisfied with a peek at the interior through the grills. We start with the roofless tomb which looks like a cube.

The inside is pretty plain too..

..yet there's beauty when you look up. The square floor below makes way to a circular top.

A neat looking circle with a rim displaying simple geometric design. This tomb, though not really similar, reminds me of the roofless octagonal tomb of Astur.

The second structure is much smaller, built at ground level and has a dome. Somehow when I look at this building I feel the dome is out of proportion or its not shaped well.

Scattered near the two structures are sculpted granite grave markers.

Time for a nap. We go back the shade of the roofless structure and make ourselves comfortable on the granite floor. Nearby was a bunch of chicks imitating their mummy chicken.. scraping the dirt with their tiny claws and peck at something :) It was fun to watch them

The break was very helpful, especially after a good meal. We felt refreshed, meanwhile Sun had come down little making our journey little easier.



Nirdesh Singh said...

These are pretty tombs! Yes they look similar to the ones in Bidar or Chanderi.

Did Bahmanis come this far south?

And did you say they are on Hampi to Hospet road? How did i miss them.

Nice post as always.

siddeshwar said...

Thank you, Nirdesh.

Yes, Bahamanis ruled Gulbarga and Bidar. Gulbarga was their first capital, better weather at Bidar was a reason to shift. The fort at Bidar is one of the largest in that region and Astur (Ashtur) is where Bahamani family tombs are - huge structures they are.

Kadirampuram is just outside Hampi on Hampi-Hospet road, to your right hand side.

Nirdesh Singh said...

Hi Siddeshwar: Bidar, Ashtur and the Bahmanis are my favourites:



siddeshwar said...


Your post is impressive, well captured pictures and an informative write up!

Renuka said...

Nice monuments.