Aug 6, 2014

Mahadeva temple, Thatteshwar, Nandgadh

February 28, 2014
This day I had a chance to discover two hidden monuments- a fort and a temple. Virtually unknown to people outside Nandagadh are Anandgadh fort and Thatteshwar temple. It was pure luck that I happen to meet a farmer whose one phone call did a great deal for me- I had a guide and also a motorbike for transportation. First we went deep into the jungle, about 8 kms of hill track to see Anandgadh fort where we met Siddu's father Kemani Patil and Tukaram, a friend. On the way back to Nandgadh Kemani Patil insisted we visit Thatteshwar's Mahadev temple, a shrine dedicated to a Shiva Linga. As it is the ride was tough but reaching Thatteshwar temple was even more tough because we had to ride through dry paddy fields.. the surface was an array of mounds and the bike tyre would get lodged between mounds. After paddy fields, it was a narrow stretch of dirt track which hit a deadend. Bikes parked, a short steep climb brought us to an ancient temple. It looks very much a Kadamba style temple.

The temple site is a slope on which a stone platform is created over which the temple is positioned. The temple is an assembly of dressed stone blocks. It has one entrance, a Sabha Mantapa, Antharala and a Garbha Gudi ~ a meeting hall, vestibule and sanctum sanctorum. Opposite the door on the platform outside is a badly corroded sculpture of a tortoise.

This is the Sabha Mantapa; between four equally spaced columns is a small Basavanna facing the Shiva Linga in the Garbha Gudi. The columns are similar, having various sections- square, circular and octagonal.

Besides the door, a pair of opposing grilled windows provide light and allow movement of air in the Sabha Mantapa. The vestibule is flanked by two shrines - one the left is an idol of Lord Ganesha.

As viewed from the other side.

Shiva Linga in the Garbha Gudi; rituals are performed everyday. Kemani Patil is a god fearing man, he had lit agarbattis and prayed with eyes closed and palms joined. Even though Sun was right above, it was around 12-30 PM, sufficient light entered the Garbha Gudi, however my Canon captured different shades of reflected light.

The Garbha Gudi door frame. A pair of elephants flank a floral mural. This flower is common to many temples. I remember seeing it at Ramtheerth and Bankapur.

Lord Ganesha and another Shiva Linga.

The rear side and the stepped Shikhara.

All four of us sat in the Sabha Mantapa, drank water an chatted for a while. The previous night being Maha Shivaratri, folks had performed pooja, cooked food and feasted here but they had left paper plates all over the place :(

We climbed down the slope. I turn back to get one last glance of Thatteshwar hill before leaving.

From here we go to Kemani Patil's house, had some refreshments and head to another temple to attend a pooja which a few hundred people would be attending. A simple meal would be served after pooja and a bhajan session.


Anonymous said...

we have so many beautiful architectural temples.... but most of them in ruined state and no effort are being taken by govt :(

siddeshwar said...

actually thee are so many ancient temples that government cannot maintain them without people's support and co-operation. people have to realize the value of our heritage. people must respect historical structures, be protective about them ..after all people form governments.