Jan 21, 2015

Raachi Gudi, Aihole

December 16, 2011
Raachi Gudi is one of the temples on the western border of Aihole village, near Eniyar Gudi. A board at the temple compound gives out some information about this temple:
This is a XI century Kalyana Chalukya temple and it is a Shiva temple with three Garbhagrihas (Trikutachala). The temple is on a high pedestal, and the Garbhagrihas have a common vestibule with entrances in three directions, and there is a huge Mukhamantapa with Kakshasanas and half-pillars standing on them. It contains Nandi. The Rangamantapa in between has four pillars, and the only two Shikharas on the Garbhagrihas remain.

Rachi Gudi is one of the well preserved temples of Aihole. Village students come here to read their books and also some people to sleep peacefully :)

Hope to add more pictures some time future.

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