Dec 26, 2015

Yogi Rama Swamy Temple, Penukonda

Jan 3, 2015
Yogi Rama Swamy Devasthana is one of the temples built during Vijayanagara times. The temple is situated within the walls of Penukonda fort, between Gagan Mahal and Kashi Vishwanatha Devasthana. The temple has a Mukhyadwara ~ gateway. The simple gateway has no Gopura on it.. probably a Gopura was planned which didn't happen for some reason.

Inside the gateway are two niches facing each other, each containing a sculpture of Hanuman and Garuda. The sculptures are definitely ancient and some brilliant mind got them painted colourfully.

The Mukhya Dwara as seen from inside. The temple is being maintained am elderly couple.. they really strive so keep the temple premises neat and tidy,  Their simple abode is right within this campus.

That's a stypical Vijayanagara style Stambha and the temple with a modern touch looks more like a house. The Mukha Mantapa has been walled and grilled probably to keep out birds and more importantly vandals.

On the Stambha base are sculptures of Hanuman, Narasimha and a cow with three heads. The cow's neck and head are shown in three positions- raised, bowed and turned backwards. Hanuman's palms are joined.. something I haven't seen often.

The temple's side wall and the looming peak in the background. On that peak are ruins of a fort and close by is a ruined Narasimha Swamy temple. The temple's side wall looks simple from a distance but when you see it closely, you'll find its covered with sculptures depicting scenes from Hindu legends.

Lot of trees are seen here. One of the figures show a chariot ridden by a charioteer and two couples seated comfortably. These are scene from Ramayana but I cannot tell which part of the legend.

I guess most pictures on this temple are related to Ramayana.. here we can see an image of Rama shooting an arrow through seven Saal trees to prove his power to the monkey king Sugreeva.

One of the corners of the temple. Keerthimukha staring down with popping eyes.

On this wall is one little sculpture that's easily recognizable.. Sri Krishna in his signature pose.. playing a flute.

Krishna playing his flute to his cattle and girl friends.

The stories of Sita seeing the golden deer, Lakshmana chopping off Shoorpanaki and Rama fighting the Rakshasa king Ravana.

Here's a close-up of Rama axing Ravana's arms.

Young Krishna dancing on the ten headed serpent Kaliya's head while the serpent's wives pray to Krishna for sparing their husband.

An amazing creation! A fluted drain for the Garbhagudi. Excellent workmanship on this particular piece.

Here we can see Hanuman / Garuda and baby Krishna slaying Putana among other scenes.

This picture shows pictures of various avatars of Vishnu.

Some inter interesting scenes..

Dancing Vishnu
Garuda worshipping Shankha
Hanuman worshipping Sudarshana Chakra

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