Dec 30, 2015

Water tank and Basava well at Penukonda fort

October 10, 2015
This was my second visit to Penukonda this year, During the first visit I could not see the inside of Gagan Mahal because it wasn't open yet. After seeing Gagan Mahal, we headed towards Thimmarasu Jail. On the way we happened to see boards pointing to two more relics- Water tank and Basava well. A stone's throw from the jail is the water tank, in the background is a Gopura.

The water tank is a simple structure, cube shaped and built over a platform. The tank measuring about 8' wide, 8' long and 8' high is made of granite blocks for foundation, bricks and lime mortar. There are no pipe lines to be seen.. probably vandalised long time back, I think water to this tank was fed from Bhoga Samudram Cheruvu, a lake about 400 meters south.

Further down the road, a minute's walk is the Basava well.  Its an ancient stepped well carrying Vijayanagara signature. However the bull seen here is a rare addition, its made of stones, bricks and lime mortar. To enter the well one has to pass under the bull. I think this bull was created in memory of a real bull which had served its master for a long time.

That's Pushpa looking at the expression on the bull's  face. Close to the bull's leg is a slab with inscription in Kannada or Telugu.

The well seems pretty well maintained but unfortunately its dry.. thanks to scanty rains and dropping water table.

 The bull is well made, notice the large hump behind its neck and the bent tail.. bulls usually do that to swat a fly off their backs.
Adjoining the well is a pillared hall. Going by the pillar design it was constructed during Vijayanagara times.

Penukonda, having served as a capital of Vijayanagara has several such monuments hardly cared for. Wishing government takes steps to preserve the places heritage for the generations to come.

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Manjula Umesh said...

The idea of bull is an unique one, artistically beautiful.