Dec 14, 2008

Scooter-Bicycle Tow Trip

Looking back into the past, I could call this the craziest and the scariest acts.

Jayanth and I used bicycles to commute to college or tuition classes and on the way back, we used to get towed by one of friends who had bikes or scooters. Tow-riding went on for few months and both Jayanth and I got pretty good, even in traffic. We knew when to hold hands and when not to, we were experts at managing the momentum we had picked. At times we rode confidently at 50khph.

One day after college, we (Nagaraj was the third guy) planned a ride to Bannerghatta, which was about 20km from our college SSMRVC. Nagaraj and I on my Bajaj Super (Bajaj Chetak’s younger brother) and Jayanth on his bicycle. Nagaraj was riding pillion and towing Jayanth. The first 5-6km we did 20-30 kmph beyond which the traffic was lesser and the road was ours now. We gradually went up to 50s and Jayanth was cool and confident. Nagaraj was doing his job nicely. “Faster?” I asked Jayanth, “Yes” was the reply. Open the throttle little more, 60, 70 and 80! I was amazed at Jayanth’s control over the bike with just one hand on the handle-bar. We did 80s for almost 2km in a stretch. I wonder how the tires took the beating. The ride back home was not so fast but not too slow also. We had discovered a new kind of adventure.

After few days, Jayanth and I decided to go to Nandi Hills (the main reason was to enjoy beer in cool weather) and Nagaraj also wanted to join us but we had only my scooter. We looked at each other… why not??

Atlas cycle. CAL 150, gas tank full, bag with packed food and few beer bottles. And high spirits. We started early, rode slowly and carefully, dodging pedestrians, cattle, traffic and cops. Soon we were out of city limits and on the highway. We rode with lot of care… we had to cover 60km, one way. And parents and home did not know about our new found method. 4km beyond Devanahalli, we went off the highway on to the road to our destination. Now the traffic was sparse and our speed went to 80s. The road was a straight line for almost 8km, riding at an average speed of 60kmph. That was fun!

Soon we were right below Nandi Betta, looking up at the road snaking up the hill ahead of us. Now our worry was how I would be to tow uphill on twisting & turning stretch of road. What would we do at hair-pin curves? Jayanth, was cool, as usual. We decided to ride slow since Jayanth needs to be in contact at all times. The moment he loses contact, he would loose momentum and might come to a stop. And to tow from zero is tricky for the one riding the bicycle, especially uphill. We were fast learners and mastered the technique. We reached the summit without much difficulty. People were giving us looks…

Explore the ruins. Relax in the coll shade of massive trees. Enjoy the cool air. Beers vanished. Food finished. Time to head back now. This trip was all about riding and beer but the ride dominated the booze.

Downhill ride was fun and Jayanth enjoyed it immensely. 8km of freewheeling is not something we could do everyday. Once back on the plain road, we touched 90s, that’s before we hit the highway. We were getting bolder and scooter was capable of doing 110kmph but we did not wanted to put ourselves in danger or spoil the fun. It was dark when we reached back home.

Following day, back at the college our adventure was the talk of the day.


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