Dec 5, 2008

Bathi Hill

Davangere’s my Dad’s home town. And that’s the house my grandfather built during mid 60s. Now, the house is not there, I mean it was demolished couple of years since I shot this picture.

This is Siddappa temple before renovation.

The temple is located half-way up Bathi hill at Bathi village which is about 6km from Davangere on the way to Harihar. Davangere and Harihar can be called as twin cities with just 12km separating them. The hill offers a nice view of the surrounding mostly flat terrain. Green fields, few ponds and lakes and more hills in the distance. Evenings are good time to spend there; enjoy cool breeze and sunsets.

This is how the temple looked like few years ago after the so-called renovation work started. I’m not sure if the work is complete or still pending.

During a visit long time back, when I was about 6 or 7 years old, Dad, Dipi and I had walked half way around the hill, at the same elevation as the temple, to a small cave formed naturally. On the way, I remember Dad telling us that a lion lived in the cave when asked if any animal stays there. That was the first time I ever saw a natural cave. During another visit with lots of cousins, we had climbed the second half but the slopes were scattered with lots of rocks and boulders making the climb unsafe for little kids. We gave up after the three-fourth mark.

Bathi Siddappa is our home deity.


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