Dec 7, 2008

Volvo FH12 and MAN Tractors

Ever since I remember, I love trucks, especially the big ones with lot of tires. They are beautiful sight to look at; either parked or while they cruise on a highway.

This is the first time I ever saw a Volvo... on NH4 near Chitradurga. I was impressed by the looks and stopped by to see it more closely. Many years later, I got a chance to visit Volvo factory at Hoskote near Bangalore… not once but many times and an opportunity to work with the engineers there. This tractor is Volvo FH12, FH12 means 'high cabin, 12 liter engine'.

During the same journey, on the same stretch, some-where near Hiriyur, we saw two MAN tractors. These tractors looked like ancient warriors compared to the FH12.

These powerful tarctors were towing 16-axle (8 wheels in each axle) trailers loaded with massive transformers weighing close 100 tonnes, more or less. The avarage speed at which they travel could be 15kmph. They are led by scouts on bikes and trailed by an escort car. These things don't cruise but scream their guts out and crawl...


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