Dec 9, 2008

Gokak Falls

Dipi pointing out birds to Dad… I think it was November, part of the year when water flow is less.

This is the hanging bridge; it was a different experience to walk across it, swinging lightly as we walked along with local people. I feel it's a great combination of nature's wonder and man's creation; a lovely water fall and a beautiful bridge.

This water-fall is somewhat similar to Niagara Falls though Niagara is U-shaped and Gokak Falls is almost straight. We got off from the bridge and walked on the river bed… stone bed, upto the edge. It was scary to stand on the smooth rocks and look over the edge.

There are plenty of cotton gins on this hill and cricketer Sunil Gavaskar’s father used to be an employee of one of the mills here.

The visit was a short and sweet one… just Dad, Dipi and me.


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